Forex trading enables many people around the world to earn good money working just several hours a day. It does also cost some traders a lot money to. Every day we can hear the sad stories from the people, who lost their last money because there wasn't enough care taken in learning to trade.

Some think the only way to succeed in foreign currency trading is to use automated forex trading system. Whilst this is one way it is not the only way obviously mechanical forex trading systems are very useful too.

You should already know that the automated or mechanical forex trading system design is not easy and can often be sophisticated software based using difficult mathematical algorithms. Forex trading systems can be much more simple than manual trading system to trade but to design not so easy.

Designing a forex trading system whether is its manual or automatic requires trading knowledge, trading experience, a logical thought process and an open mind. You will find when creating your own trading system you will go through many emotions and you will one minute think you have cracked the game of forex and then next all your new found hopes will be dashed.

But stick with it. Using some form of forex trading system will definitely help you become a more consistent trader. It will also make it easy to spot when your trading method is not working and you should stop trading it. Discretionary trading will always leave you with 'ifs' 'buts' and 'maybe' type questions.

Having a trading system will give you confidence in your trading. You will have some historical/backtest data to support your system idea. You should, if done properly, also have some forward testing data to backup you forex trading system.

This means that when it comes to entering a trade you are very confident in what you are doing and what the probably out come will be. This will also make taking losses much easier to stomach. Once you can master taking a loss and it not letting it effect your trading you are half way there.

In my opinion a trader using a self created (not a forex robot) forex trading system will be a discretionary trader any day of the week.

Forex trading signals and learning how to interpret them are the key to the success of any trader that is making money in the forex market. Learning the ins and outs of trading trends takes a lot of time, but you don't have to be an expert at it to be successful.

A more accomplished forex trader will spot the trend just as it begins and will see the slowing down and get out just as it is ready to decline. You don't have to be that good, you can get in once the trend is under way and get out just after it starts to decline and still make money. You just have to be able to recognize which way it is going.

Some of the common forex indicators used in may forex trend systems that successful currency traders will use are the MACD and moving averages. When effectively used as crossover indicators, you will have the ability to recognize significant trends that will of course lead to profits.

When analyzing a short term trend against a long term trend, i.e. an EMA (5) crossing an EMA (20), you will see a positive trend developing that you should take advantage of. The same is true of a MACD crossover.

Another powerful forex indicator designed for trading trends is the TRIX or Triple Exponential Moving Average oscillator. The indicator will keep you in trends that are shorter or equal to the window period. While observing a recent day of trading, we noticed a TRIX (15,9) moving upwards on the 4 hour chart of the GPB/USD pairing. The result of this trend was actually a 100 point rise by the end of the day. If you had the experience to spot this trend, you would have made a killing!

While these are but two of the forex trend systems that you can use that you can use to generate good forex trading signals, there are many more models that are very successful. Examples of these are indicators like the Supertrend and the ADX.

The Supertrend is extremely effective as its' sole design was to pinpoint trends in the currency market. You can only imagine by it's name how successful this has been. If you are using the ADX, it may be a little more difficult to read the trends, but it is just as useful when you know what you are doing and define ranges of profitability. For instance, when there are crosses in the 17 to 23 levels, I know it is a go. Movement in the DI+ and the DI- will let you know which side of the market to get on.

While you will hear people preach the positives of each of these forex trading signals on their own, becoming familiar with all of them is a good idea. Look at it as arming yourself with more weapons to go into battle with. Make sure a trend spotting forex strategy is part of your arsenal. The more forex indicators that you see a positive trend in, the more likely you are in spotting a legitimate trend that you can take advantage of.

Automated Forex Trading: Clever yet Effective Technology
Why Forex trading?

This is probably one of the questions that you need a reasonable answer. There are hundreds of investments out there that you can prefer, but why go trading foreign currencies instead?

Forex investment is unique in various aspects.

Its trading volume is relatively huge compared to other market.
It has extreme liquidity or the capability of either buying or selling the currency without causing significant movement in the market price.
It has the largest number and variety of traders.
It is one of the markets that have long trading hours (24 hours each day, except during weekends.
Trading locations are almost everywhere, not just in the United States or major cities of Europe.
There are different factors that affect foreign exchange rate.

Another whooping fact that will make you excited to go on Forex trading: it has an average turnover in traditional foreign exchange market of around $1.88 trillion daily, according to the Triennial Central Bank Survey of the BIS (Bank for International Settlements). Here are the daily averages of turnover on the Forex market for the last 17 years:

$500 billion (April 1989)
$750 billion (April 1992)
$1.18 trillion (April 1995)
$1.48 trillion (April 1998)
$1.16 trillion (April 2001)
$1.88 trillion (April 2004)

From the figures alone, you will notice that the average trend of Forex turnover is increasing. It is estimated to reach as high as 2 to 3 trillion dollars within the next 8 to 10 years, if the number of traders around the world will continue to increase. As a matter of fact, everyone have the chance of getting a substantial slice of the Forex market wealth pie, especially that the Forex trading marketing is now on its automation process.

The concept of automation becomes the new trend to the foreign exchange trading market. The Interbank spot Forex market has also considered switching to the automated method as well.

There are several benefits that a Forex trader can derive from automated Forex trading. Here are some of such benefits and figure out why Forex trading as well as other investments (futures and commodities) prefer the automated process.

Through automated process, transactions can now be done in real time. Although manual systems have existed for quite some time now, it is difficult to achieve such benefit that the automated Forex system can offer to its traders. All of the trades can happen within a few milliseconds and can be a big plus for automated transactions against the manual system. In fact, there are problems that are addressed using automated Forex trading especially if the trader is losing a few times in a row that prevents him from making new trades. Such problem could be addressed using the automatic trading system.

With automated Forex trading, you will have a greater diversification. It means that you can trade in various markets in different time zones at a time. You can execute trades with traders from Singapore or London even it is already 12 midnight in the United States. This benefit allows you a multiple exchange model option. You can use varying trading models to evaluate short-term data. This means that you will be able to predict the trend for a shorter period of time, let us say from fifteen minutes to half an hour.

As previously mentioned, the Forex market is unique because of its extreme liquidity. This liquidity is increased when the market goes automated.

Risk management problems are solved through automated Forex trading. International checks, which are commonly used in making purchases on Forex market, are synchronized through automated technology. Since the transaction in an automated process is now on real time, there is a slim chance that the payments will be delayed, reducing the risk of non-payment by either parties. Although there are problems noted with the use of the automated system, it can be fixed through consistently-updated technologies.

With automated Forex trading market, the prediction of $2-3 trillion average daily turnover within the nest 8 to 10 years can be changed within the next 4 to 5 years. Given the quick yet efficient trades on varying time zones, automated Forex trading will now be among the existing lucrative business around the world.

Forex trading is purchasing and offering in a group of foreign foreign currency echange like the You. S. Greenback versus. your Euro. The phrase "Currency" is short with regard to for forex. While Forex trading, one certain currency will be purchased along with the other currency is offered in a deal. A foreign marketplace is impacted through the supply and demand of items together with services provided by another land. Depending outdated condition your movement of a single currency in relation to these men impacted.

Forex Trading System

A new Forex trading system is a method of buying along with offering throughout move as well as currency using particular standards of complicated analysis. Even though the step additionally involves obtain and buy, it is quite complicated given that the possession involved here is currency.

The particular habits of just one currency about the motion of another currency is extremely unforeseeable. Should be fact, your unpredictability will depend on lots of elements such as the cost-efficient condition, governmental situation, normal atmosphere and so on. For simply about any lay man unwinding in your corner worldwide it will likely be challenging to understand the event.

It's the following, that the Forex trading method is necessary. Your device by means of their research in addition to analysis provides useful info towards the particular person, utilizing the program. The outcomes are based upon graphs together with various other report devices which helps comprehend the circumstance. The information with sources and justifications improve the familiarity with the topic from the individual from your system. The achievements any approach is based upon their practical validation in support of the decision and finally showing the referral. A fantastic technique describes the situation leaving present debts the investor to consider themselves.

Learn forex trading

Together with the system associated with Forex trading find out forex trading utilizing proven methods without should re-invent your wheel. While currently specified, Forex trading is truly a difficult area, exactly where merely an exceptionally few have currently been successful. We stumble upon that the Forex trading item is a method related to carrying out Forex trading exchange an arranged way using specific concerns that must certainly wind up being satisfied inside technical assessment. The complex issues included in the gratitude in addition to depreciation including foreign currencies in relation to an additional are generally analyzed together with record files gathered in a period of time.

The specific Foreign exchange info mill not constantly steady at any time of your energy. Neither can it be progressing a vertical line. Different elements influencing on the expense structure of the foreign currency are reviewed inside a methodical means. Utilizing this approach the equipment provides a great deal of training for the specialist from this. Learning Forex trading gets even more value bad a lot more prospective options it kicks to people driven to possess a job in foreign exchange. Online selling and buying innovations get elevated the choices the machine offers produced and is likewise regularly about the develop.

A great deal of a chance is ignored due to inadequate understanding. Achievement in the sector connected with Forex trading needs a variety of discipline, determination, and an excellent deal of training and dealing experience. The research into Forex method trading can quickly considerably speed up the procedure in which otherwise is determined by profiting from errors.
Forex trading is selling and purchasing in a team of foreign foreign currency echange like the You. The expression "Foreign exchange" is brief with regard to for currency. While Forex trading, one specific currency will be bought as well as the various other forex is provided in an offer. Together with the system associated with Forex trading find out forex trading using proven techniques without requiring to re-invent your wheel. We come throughout that the Forex trading item is a technique associated with doing Forex trading exchange an arranged way utilizing particular problems that need to absolutely end up being fulfilled inside technical evaluation.

Many people who do forex trading online love the concept of day trading due to the high leverages hoping that they will be able to get some quick returns. Whereas day trading can be a good strategy, it can result into massive losses if its not conducted with discipline and knowledge on its dynamics. Here are the common mistakes that a lot of day traders make and end up making big losses.

Prepositioning for news

Major news is known to move the market only that the direction is never known in advance.

Most traders normally anticipate the direction of market movement and position their trades accordingly. This is a poor practice as the trader will end up making losses should the markets move in the opposite direction upon the release of the news.

Trading immediately after the news is released

News events are known to cause whipsaw like action in the financial markets. This is because there is no liquidity and the news reports havent been thoroughly assessed. At this point, the market is moving aggressively in both directions and taking positions at this time without a solid trading plan to buffer you from making losses can be very detrimental to your trades.

Averaging down

Many day traders like to average down when they realize that they have a losing position.

This will not only waste time but money as well. Instead of holding onto a losing position by averaging down, you need to close the position and stick to the ones that are doing well. Besides, disciplined traders know how to stick to their trading plans and there is no need to average down if it was not part your trading strategy.

Risking a lot of capital

Many day traders think that excessive risk is equivalent to excessive returns. They therefore end up risking a large amount of their capital hoping that they will make large sums of money during the day trades. The results are always the opposite. It is advisable that you do not risk more than 1% of your capital. This implies that the difference between your entry and stop points should never exceed one percent of your total account. Adopting this will ensure that you manage your risks effectively and avoid losing a lot of money in a single trade or a single day trading.

Unrealistic expectations

A lot of people who do forex trading online are victims of unrealistic expectations. They set up trades hoping to make a lot of money and in the process, they fail to watch the markets and conduct a thorough market analysis before executing their trades. To be effective in day trading, one must learn to isolate expectations and emotions from the trading plans.

Forex trading is buying and selling in a team of foreign foreign currency echange like the You. S. Greenback versus. your Euro. The expression "Foreign exchange" is brief with regard to for foreign exchange. While Forex trading, one certain currency will be bought as well as the various other foreign exchange is provided in a deal. A foreign marketplace is impacted through the supply and demand of products together with services given by an additional land. Depending out-of-date condition your motion of a single currency in relation to these guys influenced.

Forex Trading System

A new Forex trading system is an approach of buying along with selling throughout step in addition to currency utilizing certain standards of complicated analysis. Although the move furthermore includes buy and obtain, it is rather complicated provided that the asset involved right here is currency.

The certain habits of simply one currency about the motion of another currency is unbelievably unforeseeable. Should be fact, your unpredictability will depend upon lots of aspects such as the affordable condition, governmental scenario, regular atmosphere and so on. Therefore, for nearly any lay man relaxing in your edge worldwide it will likely be challenging to comprehend the event.

It's the following, that the Forex trading approach is required. Your equipment by method of their research as well as analysis provides important details to the particular individual, using the program. The achievements any approach is based on their reasonable recognition in support of the choice and lastly showing the suggestion.

Learn forex trading

Together with the system connected with Forex trading find out forex trading making use of tested techniques without needing to re-invent your wheel. We come across that the Forex trading product is a technique associated with performing Forex trading exchange an organized method using certain problems that need to certainly end up being satisfied inside technical evaluation.

The certain Forex information mill not constantly stable at any time of your energy. Neither can it be relocating forward a vertical line. Various aspects influencing on the expense structure of the foreign currency are reviewed inside a methodical method. Using this method the equipment offers a lot of training for the expert from this. Knowing Forex trading receives more relevance bad a lot more prospective choices it kicks to folks driven to have a job in forex. Online selling and purchasing innovations get elevated the options the machine offers produced and is also regularly about the develop.

A great deal of a probability is forgotten due to insufficient understanding. Achievement in the industry associated with Forex trading requires a number of discipline, determination, and a bargain of training and dealing experience. The study into Foreign exchange strategy buying and selling can easily considerably quicken the treatment in which otherwise is figured out by learning from mistakes.
Forex trading is buying and selling in a group of foreign foreign currency echange like the You. The phrase "Foreign exchange" is brief with regard to for forex. While Forex trading, one particular currency will be purchased as well as the various other currency is provided in an offer. Together with the system associated with Forex trading find out forex trading using proven methods without needing to re-invent your wheel. We come throughout that the Forex trading product is a strategy linked with carrying out Forex trading exchange an organized means using certain issues that have to certainly end up being satisfied inside technical evaluation.

Movements of market prices are very unpredictable, no doubt! And it is assured that volatility of the market declines unexpectedly anytime. To prevent from the negative impacts of declining volumes of transactions any time, Hedging is the best solution during online forex trading. It is beneficial for the forex traders to mitigate the risks of losses or to protect their commodities to lose. It prevents your business against any uncertainties in prices.

Volatility refers to the degree of unpredictable changes or standard deviation in the exchange rate of financial instrument over a specific period of time. Higher the market volatility, higher the risks involved with a particular currency pair but planned trading may help you to make profits.

Ultimately, risk is calculated in terms of volatility that doesnt imply the direction but actually describes the levels of fluctuations or moves.

Basically, most of the companies are using the concept of hedging to negate the risks that may occur during forex trading as per rules declared by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Moreover, hedging works completely on predictions. So to make future assumptions, there is a need to observe the markets volatility first for taking any decent decision to approach hedging during online forex trading.

What hedgers do is, they simply fix the future price at which they are going to sell or buy the trades and wait for that future time in which either you see appreciation or depreciation in the prices. This not only brings in a profit many times but also tries to make a great reduction in the losses (if you are to face any loss).

It would not be wrong if I say hedging is a tool by which a loss at present might look like a profit since it will be compensated by greater profits in the future. This is the article which focuses on hedging so that Forex traders are aware about the concept of hedging which would help them to cut down the losses during online forex trading.

There are different types of hedging. At the very first, let us discuss about direct hedging. It takes place when a trader places an order to buy any currency and a sell order to sell another currency at the same time. This way of trading scenario might give a nil profit but for sure it would compensate your losses since the time when one trade goes against your predictions, another trade may definitely go in your favor.

The other hedging type is complex trading. It takes like when a trader hedges against a particular currency by trading two different pairs. For example, a trader places a long trade on USD/EUR and short trade on EUR/GBP. Hence if Euro appreciates then he/she could be affected for both currency pairs.

Hedging works mainly around these four components:
To analyze risk exposure.
To determine risk tolerance.
To determine priorities of risk strategies.
To monitor hedging strategies.

It would be recommended for you to first develop your trading plan, strategies and of course your management approach and then apply hedging if its really fits into your trading condition since it is not guaranteed that hedging always proves profitable to the forex traders . Yes, to some extent it actually postpones the outcome of bad trade, but it is also true that you are delayed to take out the profit you earned from your good trades.

At last I would like to conclude that hedging techniques are not that much straightforward as it seems to be. So experts advices should be welcomed for the better understanding of the concept of hedging. This can definitely help you use the techniques of hedging effectively in the forex market.

There are much more losers than winners in currency trading and do you want to know how to be at the winners' side? A wise guy learns from his own mistakes but a smarter guy will learn from the mistakes that other people have made. So I have done a thorough research on the common forex trading mistakes that most people make and now you can learn from it as a personal development to be a better trader.

Mistake #1 - Over leveraging. It is true that leveraging is one of the advantages of a forex strategy. But at the same time, if used incorrectly, it will be a disadvantage because of over leveraging. Many people does not consider how much risk they will be taking when they decide to trade big using high leverage on small trading capital.

Although you have the potential to win more on the trades but the risk is much more as one highly leverage trade that loses can wipe out a small trading account. One should only risk at the most 5% of his trading capital for per trade.

Mistake #2 - Over trading. Often, over trading occurs when traders use forex scalping method. They would try to find opportunities to trade even though there is no quality opportunity for them. In the end, there are more losses than the gains.

It does not only happen to forex scalping, it involves other forex trading techniques as well. So to avoid this mistake that many people make, you should follow the rules of your forex trading system and trade only where necessary.

Mistake #3 - No Patience. Currency trading is an activity that will really test your patience and if you don't train yourself to be patient, then surviving in this market is very tough. Long time ago, I thought I can maximize profits by rushing into a trade when the forex trading signals have not shown.

But most of the trades ended in losses because I was not patient enough to wait the forex indicators to confirm the trading signals. So if you can follow the rules of a good trading system, then definitely you have good patience.

Mistake #4 - Chasing after the price. If you have noticed, this mistake occurs when you have no patience. Traders feel uneasy when they missed an opportunity to trade and then chase after the price. The price rebounded back and triggered their stop loss. A forex tip for you is, never trade too far from a low value Moving average (e.g. 6 EMA), trading opportunities will always come.

Mistake #5 - Too greedy. Once you have a trading plan, stick to it and don't modify it because of your greediness. If you have a risk to reward ratio for profit taking, then be it. Don't aim for higher profits when your hunch tells you so. Even breakeven is considered as winning in currency trading. As long as you do not lose big and profits are more than losses, you are considered successful if you maintain this consistency.

Mistake #6 - Forex Scalping means fast profits. If you let me choose a forex day trading strategy and forex scalping, I will definitely drop the latter. I have never seen many traders got high success using that forex strategy because valid support and resistance does not work in such a small time frame.

There is no free lunch in trading, so you do not expect fast and huge profits in a short period of time. Any huge gains will definitely take some time to build even if you have a marvelous forex trading system.

Out of the many business opportunities out there, forex trading can be a very lucrative home business for those who want to be their own boss. However, to succeed, you must have the discipline to follow a good trading system, control your emotions, learn from your mistakes and never to repeat them again.

Here we are going to outline the story of "the turtles" who were a group of people who had never traded before and went on to make over $100 million in just four years. This article is all about learning forex trading for beginners and the lessons that you can learn from the turtles, for long term forex success.

The story begins over 20 years ago in 1983, when trading legend Richard Dennis decided to prove that anyone could learn currency trading - with the right training so, he conducted an experiment.
He gathered a group of 14 people together, from all walks of life, both sexes, various ages, who had varying levels of education and then set about teaching them to trade in just 14 days.

After the 14 days training was completed, he had taught them a forex trading strategy to execute in real time and set them up with real money and real accounts - the result?

This group of traders went on to make $100 million dollars in just 4 years and many went on to become trading legends.

So what can you learn from this experiment?

The first point is - it shows the potential of trading using leverage and although you may not make as much money as the turtles with your forex trading system, it shows that anyone can learn if, they have a desire to learn and the right education.

It also shows that trading is a specifically learned skill, not some god given gift and that all people can learn. It showed that to win at forex trading you don't' need to work hard but work smart and get the right forex education, rather than knowledge for knowledge sake.

Perhaps the most important point that you can learn from the experiment is:

If you read the writings and interviews with formal turtles, they all stress that the system was easy to learn, the hard part was following it with discipline.

This is a common problem for any involved in trading.

It's hard to continually execute your trading signals with discipline, when you are in a period of drawdown and losses. This is why it is so vital to have the knowledge and confidence in what you are doing to hold your discipline.


Is inner understanding of what you are doing, to enable you to have the confidence to execute your trading strategy with discipline.

Today, many traders simply don't want to do this - they want to follow a guru or expert and think they can give them success with no effort and of course they lose.

Dennis knew that for his disciples to trade successfully, he had to teach them how and why the method worked, so they understood what they were doing and could hold their nerve.

The fact is currency trading success looks easy to achieve but it eludes most traders, because they can't hold their nerve and trade with discipline.

While the turtle experiment took place over 20 years ago, the lessons it can teach us are as valid today as they ever were.

Forex trading for beginners looks straightforward to most newbie's - but the turtle lesson shows us, not only what you need to do but give any trader inspiration in their trading career with the success that they achieved.

This story inspired me to trade and hope it inspires you to.


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Parabolic SAR or parabolic Stop and Reverse is one of the most visual technical indicator. The rising dots below the price action which move up when the price is moving up and hence indicating uptrend. The falling dots above the price action and moving down with the price when the price is falling and hence indicating a downtrend. When trend reverses and when the rising or falling dots hit the price action then it's the time to stop the trade and take a position in the opposite direction. Stop and Reverse.

But is it really so simple?

The answer is "No". Parabolic SAR does not indicate the trend and hence we can not take buy positions when the dots are below the price action or vice versa.

Then how to use parabolic SAR?

Well, As the name suggests, The Parabolic SAR helps us in the following:

1) Putting the trailing stop-loss orders.
2) Exiting the trade when the SAR indicates that its time to stop and reverse the direction.

But well, as we mentioned above that both of the above statements are not as simple as they seem and hence before getting a better feel of the above points let's see when the Parabolic SAR indicator works and when it should be neglected.

Rule #1: Parabolic SAR works better in trends but should be neglected when price is having a sideways movement.

So how do we ensure the application of rule #1?
Well, the rule #1 can be applied by confirming whether it is a trend or not.

Confirmation of the trend:

Whether there is a clear trend or not can be ascertained one or a combination of the flowing:

1) ADX: ADX should be above 25 and rising.
2) MACD: For uptrend a bullish MACD i.e. MACD line crossing over the signal line. For downtrend the MACD crossing below the signal line.
2) Slow or Full Stochastic: Bullish Stochastic i.e. stochastic line crossing over the signal line for uptrend and bearish stochastic i.e. the stochastic line crossing below the signal line.

Now once we have confirmed that there is a trend in a particular direction, we are comparatively safer to use SAR as follows:

1) Putting the trailing stop-loss orders:

If the dots are emerging below the price action and we have a long position then we can move our stop-loss levels up at the level of rising dots. We can simultaneously raise our take profit targets. We should do this by keeping an eye on the other indicators mentioned above for reconfirmation that the trend is keeping up. The same is true with short positions. We continuously move our stop-loss levels to the level of dots moving down with the price. We can also move our take-profit levels further down if other indicators are showing that the trend not slowing down.

2) Exiting the trade when the SAR indicates that its time to stop and reverse the direction:

let's say that we have a long (buy) position during an uptrend. The SAR dots appearing below the price actions are also moving up. This movement is initially slow but becomes faster with time and the dots come closer to the price action. There is some correction and price moves down. The moment the moving up dots hit the moving down price, SAR indicates that it may be safer to close down the position as the price may go further down. We can close our long position and open a short position. BUT WAIT. Confirm the downward trend with the above mentioned indicators and if they are not confirming a developing downtrend then please do not open a short position. So Stop and don't reverse.

The same is true with short positions during downtrend. The price is falling down and the dots are over the price action and moving down. When price reverses the direction and falling dots hit it, it indicates taking profits by closing the position.