Searching for Affordable Air Repair

In the middle of winter, my heater stopped working. I had to buy a space heater from the store to keep warm while I figured out a way to fix it. I looked online for tips and tried to find a manual of the heater, but I didn't have much luck. The only way to fix it was by contacting a Sacramento HVAC company that was qualified to fix the heater. I wasn't looking forward to this, because the prices for repairs usually aren't cheap unless you know someone or know someone who knows someone, and I didn't know anyone like that.

While looking at different companies, I found one that had reasonable rates, but I figured there had to be some kind of catch with them. You don't usually see good prices unless there is a trade off in some other area. A company might have unlicensed workers, or might use substandard parts in their repairs. I didn't want to take a chance of that happening, so I look for as many reviews of the company as I could find. The reviews were favorable to the company, and the Better Business Bureau reported that they had licensed workers.

I called the company and set up a time for them to come work on my heater. They opened up the heater and searched around to find out which parts weren't working correctly. One of the motors had gone bad and it wouldn't turn, which caused the heater not to send any hot air through the vents. Replacing that was a simple job of swapping the old motor with a new one. While I had the workers in my home, I asked them if they could check out my thermostat. I had a feeling that the thermostat was giving me incorrect readings.